Benefits of Going for a Vacation on Cruise

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cruise-vacation-marinerWe all love holidays and the fact of going on a trip with our loved ones away from the world of stress and all the regular tensions. Have you ever taken a thought about taking a break and trying something different for the first time? Well, taking a cruise is definitely an idea that we all would love to try. Although some of you might be already have an experience of enjoying a perfect vacation on cruise, but if haven’t, you must give it a thought. If you wondering what is special in a cruise, let me tell you why you must go for it and make your vacation a perfect one!

  1. Cruises offer great value for money: The fare that you pay when you board a cruise nearly includes everything that you are going to need during the course of your vacation. This usually comprises of food, accommodation, entertainment channels during the day and the evening hours and the transportation charges between your travel destinations. These charges are much cheaper than you ever spend when you board other means of travel. Apart from that, you get a luxurious and grand atmosphere around you and if you are willing to invest more, you even get paid for the drinks and many additional services.
  2. You can go to multiple locations in a single holiday: While planning your holiday on a cruise, the most incredible benefit is that you get an opportunity to float from one city to another but you stay at the cruise. You do not miss any place, do not have to carry your luggage, and do not have to miss any schedule. Every morning, you see a different place and that feeling is amazing. If you can’t decide which place to go, pack your bags and go for the cruise experience. You can visit all of them!
  3. They are family friendly and offer you beautiful services: This is one of the most important services that you would not like to miss. Cruises take great care of your family members, no matter how old or young they are. They have extra activities for each one of them. Teens get to chill in their won space and adults get their own benefits. The trip also features activities like video games, swimming pools and even bars. Who would not love that?
  4. Vacations on cruise are very easy to plan: The vacations on cruise include all the facilities in one, whether it’s your transportation, accommodation or foods. You can just pick a ship of your choice and that’s the end of your worries! You do not have to look for hotels, restaurants and mode of travel if you want to go for sightseeing. Cruises are very easy to book and it eliminates all your burdens and headaches of travelling. You can coordinate easily no matter of you are travelling alone or with a bunch of friends or with a family of 20 members.


All You Need To Know About Cruises

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A cruise ship is a tourist ship used for fun trips, where the voyage itself and the ship’s facilities are a part of the trip, as well as the many beautiful destinations along the way.

All Things Cruises is cruise sailing company, provide services to their customer of cruise sailing in ocean throughout the world.

“All Things Cruises” is also an ultimate web site provide services about Cruise Enthusiasts.  The company provide all information regarding Cruise boarding, storage, how to travel, requirements for travelling, best cruises for travelling, Cruise lines and all other services. Some Services provided by All Things Crises are as follow

Cruise Line


With the help of available curves Enthusiasts website, you can find the Cruise Line based on your +particular style of travel. Web site provides a facility to browse cruise lines alphabetically, you can access all inclusive Cruise lines for all of the services offered by cruise lines, and you can view cruise line webinars filled with useful information

Get the Best Cruise Deal 

What is a budget of a customer and how much he has supposed to pay for Cruise services depend on the different factors, when and where a customer supposed to be sail, which cruise line he will choose and which cabin type he wants to be travel, how he shop and where he will buy.

All Thing Cruise company website provide online Price Prediction Tool can help customer to determine when is the best time to book your cruise for an ideal price.

Cruise Destinations

There is no other method of transportation which will allow you to see the magnificence and gorgeousness and beauty of so many different cities from the terrace of your ship, or while dining in the elegant settings cruise ships offer.  The All thing Cruise are provided favorite destinations- consider one for your next cruise vacation!

Some destinations and routes of cruises provides are from Cruises to Alaska, Cruises to Antarctica, Cruises to Asia and the Far East, Cruises to Bermuda, Cruises to Canada and New England and Cruises to the Caribbean.

World Cruises

Take the cruise of a lifetime. Explore and see the corners of the world with a World Cruise.

Before You Go

Before travelling and transportation in cruises, you require Cruise passport and Visa. The company offers you travelling insurance and different loyalty programs.

New Ships

The company has the luxury and beautiful ships ready to hit in water. Aida Cruises, Blue Star and Star Cruises are some examples of ships provided by the company.

From magnificent glaciers to wildlife and the infrequent splendor of some of the world’s most beautiful parks to off the flattened track of nature where wildlife thrives, If you want to observe all nature beauty so closely then choose cruises travelling.

Cruise Ship Safety

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Cruise Ship Safety

Every summer, millions of individuals take a cruise.  The majority of those individuals have a memorable experience.  Over the past few years, there have been numerous reports of missing persons and cruise ship crime.  While it may seem like the cruise ship industry has a problem, the reality is that they do not. Cruise ship accidents are few and far in between.

Despite the fact that you are safe aboard a cruise ship, you should still take precautions to protect yourself, your family, and your belongings.  There are a number of steps that you can take.  Most of these precautions are simple and can be done with little or no effort.  Despite being simple, these precautions could keep you safe and your finances in check when you are on a cruise.

6a00e54f78cfdb88330167612933b1970bMany individuals believe that cruise ship safety should begin once they board the ship; however, it should begin well in advance.  When traveling on a cruise ship, it is likely that you will visit foreign countries.  In the event of a mistake or disaster, you are encouraged to have all of your important documents on hand. These documents should include your passport and driver’s license.  Before boarding your cruise ship, you are encouraged to make copies of all of these documents.  In addition to the originals, you should carry a copy with you and leave the other at home.

When you finally board your cruise ship, there are a number of steps that you should take to ensure your safety.  These steps include familiarizing yourself with the cruise ship.  Today’s most popular cruise ships are large in size.  It may take some time to examine the ship, but you are still encouraged to do so.  In addition to physically seeing the ship, it is advised that you request a map.  This map should be carried with you at all times; it may come in handy if you lose your way.

Familiarizing yourself with your cruise ship is important, but so is familiarizing yourself with other passengers.  You do not have to be outgoing or social to accomplish this. Simply keeping an eye out for individuals that appear to be shady or mysterious is a great way to protect yourself.  If you were on land, it is likely that you would avoid individuals that make you feel uncomfortable.  The same should apply aboard a cruise ship.

When walking around a cruise ship, you are advised not to travel alone.  As with land, traveling with others is likely to reduce or eliminate your chances of becoming a crime victim.  If you must move around the ship alone, you need to inform a number of individuals where you will be headed and when you expect to return.  In the event that something does happen, a relative or friend should know exactly where to find you.


When on a cruise ship, your personal safety should be your first concern.  In addition to personal safety, the safety of your belongings should also be important.  If you are traveling with expensive luggage or large sums of money, you may want to take extra precautions.  Before you leave home, you way want to consider leaving your expensive belongings behind.  Most cruise ships will not reimburse their passengers for lost money or belongings; therefore, if you can’t afford to replace it, you might not want to bring it.

When it comes to theft, cash and credit cards are often the most sought after items. Instead of carrying a purse or a wallet, you are encouraged to carry a money pouch.  To offer the utmost protection, you may want to obtain a money pouch that can be worn around your neck and tucked into your shirt.  These pouches often make it impossible for thieves to strike.

In the event that you are unable to use a money pouch or you left yours at home, you are urged to divide up your money.  Keeping your money in multiple locations may provide you with financial protection if a theft does occur.  If you must use a purse, you are encouraged to keep it with you at all times.  Women and men, with wallets, are urged to keep their wallets in their front pockets.

Cruise ships are exciting and, for the most part, safe. With a few simple precautions, you can safely enjoy your vacation aboard a cruise ship without fretting over the safety of yourself and your belongings.

How To Prepare For Your Cruise

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How To Prepare For Your Cruise

When it comes to vacationing aboard a cruise ship, many people think picking out the luggage that they plan to bring  is the main job and everything else will work itself out.  Packing for your cruise ship vacation is important; however, it is not the only preparation that should occur.  And unless you’re a long time cruiser, definitely don’t  wait until the week before your trip.  Some of your prep can even be done before you book your cruise ship reservation.

cruiseThe type of cruise that you will be taking is vital to preparation.  A large number of cruise ships travel on international waters.  In addition to being on international waters, many dock at international ports.  Before begin able to board your ship, you may have to show proper identification. With international cruises, this identification often includes a drivers licenses and a passport.

Unfortunately, when it comes to obtaining a passport, there are many individuals who wait until the last minute.  Last minute passports can be obtained in the event of an emergency, but most require at least a week or more to process.  You will not be automatically granted a passport; instead you are required to apply for one.  Almost all individuals that apply for a passport are granted one, but planning ahead is the best option. If error is made on the information you supplied, you will have enough time to fix it before your cruise ship departs.

Travel all inclusive cruises aboard

The proper identification is needed to board a cruise ship.  Your passport and your driver’s license are not the only forms of documentation that you should bring onboard.  If you are covered under a health insurance plan, you are encouraged to bring your health insurance cards.  In the event you fall ill while on vacation, your insurance cards will allow you to obtain the needed medical attention.

In addition to your medical insurance cards, it is advised that you bring along all of your needed medications. You may even want to consider brining along extra medication. Many physicians will write extra prescriptions for their patients that are traveling on a cruise ship.  Should your medication become lost or misplaced, the extra prescriptions can be used until you return home.  While requesting extra medication from your healthcare provider, you may want to question them on safety precautions aboard a cruise ship.

To pay for onboard and port activities, you will need to bring along extra money.  Vacationing aboard a cruise ship is similar to vacationing anywhere else in the world.  You are encouraged not to carry large sums of cash with you.  If you must bring cash along, you are encouraged to divide your money up and place it in safe locations.  Almost all cruise ships and popular cruise ship ports accept credit cards, cashiers checks, money orders, or traveler’s checks.  These forms of payments are great alternatives to carrying cash.

When traveling aboard a cruise ship, you are urged to give a copy of the cruise ship’s itinerary to multiple friends and family members.  This will make it possible for you to be contacted in the event of an emergency.  When registering for a cruise ship, you may also be required to give the contact information of someone that should be contacted in an emergency.  Your first thought may be to give the contact information of your spouse, children, or a close friend.  When doing so, it is important to make sure that they will be on land and accessible.

Once you have made the above mentioned preparations, you can begin focusing on other preparations, such as packing your luggage.  When packing, you are urged to keep the climate of your cruise in mind.  At the same time, you should be prepared for unexpected weather. Making the proper cruise ship preparations will ensure that your vacation will be a success.

Carnival Breeze, First transatlantic crossing

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Carnival Breeze, First transatlantic crossing

The Breeze will be making the rounds in the Caribbean this fall after it’s inaugural transatlantic crossing in November. I’m looking forward to checking out this newest (and last) of the “Dream Class” Carnival ships. The 15 day trip starts in Barcelona and stops in Palma de Mallorca, Malaga, Las Palmas and after the crossing; Antigua and St. Marteen before arriving in Miami.

The bugs should be worked out before the trip to the US as the Breeze has been cruising the Mediterranean for the summer. It’ll be interesting to compare this trip with my two crossings on NCL’s Epic. I was aboard for the Epic’s first Miami to Barcelona trip two years ago. My thoughts then were about the number of days at sea. Would it be boring? Would I read a lot of books? I needn’t have worried, and the a book never left the suitcase. Being on the Epic was almost as good as being in Vegas. Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil, Second City, Howl at the Moon, Several great DJ’s…

Based on the reports, this should be an equally if not better two weeks. I’ll be sure to report, and meanwhile here are some facts about the Breeze as reported by Wikipedia.

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Antonio Grogan

Carnival Breeze has the same design as her sisters, with a half-mile exterior promenade, cantilevered whirlpools, and a 23,750 sq ft (2,206 m2) wellness facility. Other features are the WaterWorks aqua park with a 300-foot (91 m)-long corkscrew water slide, an indoor/outdoor café with live entertainment venue called Ocean Plaza, and a range of staterooms including deluxe ocean views with two bathrooms, some of which have five berths.


Carnival Breeze is expected to have the widest variety of activity, dining, and entertainment options of the entire fleet. The ship features a 5D Cinema, outdoor water park, Cloud 9 Spa, Jogging Track, Fitness Center, casino, Nightclub, Comedy Club, Sport-square and Hasbro 5D Challenge. Other features on the Carnival Breeze will include Guy’s Burger Joint, which will offer burgers custom-created by Food Network chef Guy Fieri, and Cucina del Capitano, a family-style Italian eatery.


caribbean_1Carnival Breeze currently is home ported in Barcelona and Venice and then will make a transatlantic crossing from Barcelona to Miami, where she will sail on six- and eight-day Caribbean voyages and two-day Bahamas cruises.